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Belief makes things true...

things like you... you and I

Quick introduction.

{it'll burn, it'll fight}

Credits to milou_veronica for the super cute and helpful profile layout ^0^.
This journal contains…J-PopK-Pop
Hi! I’m Mel. I’m mostly shy even online but when you get to know me, I can talk up a storm. :D

I love to write… but I rarely write het nowadays. So just... beware. If you’re squeamish, look into the ratings first and please read the warnings.

Homophobes are not advised to go further lest you want to be traumatized and I will laugh at you if you try to insult my choice of pairings.

Fanfiction Masterlist

NEWS fanfiction

Super Junior fanfiction

- Super Junior

- Splashes of Koide Keisuke.

I usually friend lock personal entries after a few days because this journal also contains fanfiction and other writings and I don’t want people to be confused… much.

I don’t have strict rules on friending, I pretty much accept anyone who adds me as long as I know you and we’ve talked on occasion, if I haven’t added you yet, you can pm me or just leave a comment on any entry so we can start getting to know each other ne? ^0^

My ichiban in NEWS is Koyama Keiichiro. My OTP is Koyashige but I also like Koyamapi and RyoKei fanfiction. I can tolerate Ryoshige but too much of it and I will have to choke a bitch. I used to read lots of them but then, something happened and my delusional fangirl mind thinks Shige is just for Kei-chan.

I have never read Tegomass fanfiction and I don’t think I will start anytime soon, Masu is just too innocent and to think of him being in a relationship with anyone much less Tegoshi *shudders*. Hahahaha

Other than NEWS, I’m also into Arashi, Question? (with Yonemura) and Koide Keisuke(that smile). I love watching Japanese dramas and TV shows, if you like friendship themes and comedy, we certainly have a lot to talk about :D.
I am fairly new to the Super Junior fandom. And as of now, my ichiban would be Ryeowook. (He’s like Koyama in some many ways. -_-) My OTP is Kyuwook but I also like all possible pairings centered on KRY. (Kyuwook, Kyusung, Yewook. God forbid if I start writing threesomes edit: I think I just did) My ichiban is the ultimate bottom (not my words, just read it somewhere). ^0^ and Kyu can TOP them all. Ignore me, I haven’t been in the fandom long enough to have an opinion that makes sense.

I have no desire to branch out to other K-pop groups at the moment. (Although I love Tohoshinki...)The drama that surrounds Kpop idols is just -_- and too stressful.