Mel (wind_drifter) wrote,

Koyashige Drabbles 1

 Taking the [info]24_times  challenge because it looks fun.

TITLE: Share (Prompt 1, The first time.)
PAIRING: Koyashige

NOTES: Blatantly taken from the overseas trip Koyama and Shige took years ago.

DISCLAIMER: If I own them, you will never see them again. :P

                 The first time Koyama and Shige go together for an overseas vacation, it is in New York, and the only hotel room they could book has only one room to spare. The idea was harmless at first, but when they get there and realize, that the room has only one bed, they both turn red and sputter and stare. Sure they’ve slept in the same room before, they’ve roomed together countless times but they always had separate beds to sleep in.

                 Koyama offers to sleep in the floor but Shige wouldn’t allow it so they end up calling in for lots of pillows and stacking them in middle of the bed like a fort so they won’t have to make eye contact.

                 It was uncomfortable trying to sleep, Koyama kept tossing and turning from his side and Shige didn’t want to sleep with the lights out. And when they wake up the next morning, the stacked pillows are no more, instead, Koyama finds himself spooning with Shige and they are snuggled and comfortable and somehow, for the first time, everything in the world felt right.

TITLE: This thing called love
(Prompt 14, It was Time to go.)
PAIRING: Koyashige

NOTES: Shige dwells on his choices.

DISCLAIMER: If I own them, you will never see them again. :P

               Fate and Time. Shige never really had the chance to dwell on them. For one, he believed in free will, and he’d always been busy studying, trying to get into Law School and fulfilling his parent’s expectations to actually contemplate what’s he’s doing with his time. 

                For today though, as Shige breathes in the salty air of the beach and watches the wind tousle Koyama’s hair as the taller, gangly male watches the horizon with a soft smile in his face, Shige let’s his mind wander to Fate and Time.

                 It was futile, but Shige liked to believe in free will.

                 Shige… it’s getting late ne. Koyama’s voice cut in Shige’s thoughts.

                 Shige tilts his head towards the darkening sky and tries to cement this moment in his memory, the wind blowing in his hair, the waves crashing and Koyama. Koyama with that careless laugh and his one lidded eyes disappearing into slits when he smiles. Koyama fussing over Nyanta and how Koyama seems to get confused sometimes and treats Shige like he’s a pet and how Koyama talks to Nyanta like he’s his bestfriend.

Shige matches Koyama’s gaze. 

Let’s stay here a little while longer.  

Koyama’s smile falters, You know we can’t. Koyama tells him a bit regretfully, always selfless, always the kind one, even if he had been hurt the most with Shige’s choices. 

                I know. Shige reaches out to brush the hair out of Koyama’s eyes, the white band in his finger glinting in the darkness, and they both stiffen as it both catches their eyes. 

                It was time to go.

                It was Fate. And this isn’t Time stopping, just his Time with Koyama slipping away. 

                Ne Shige… Koyama’s eyes are shining. Be happy.


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