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when in writer's block... try something you know you'll enjoy :D

joining 24_times fic challenge, I haven't been finishing my fics lately so my solution is this... :D and I'm pretty sure someone is sharpening her knives out there somewhere because the fics I've promised is still nowhere to be found.


01.The first time. 02.The best time. 03.The worst time. 04.The last time.
05.Time flies. 06.Time changes. 07.Time heals. 08.Time stops.
09.Timing is everything. 10.Remember the good times. 11.At times like this. 12.The time was right.
13.Time is an illusion. 14.It was time to go. 15.Time waits for no man. 16.It was time to forgive.
17.Day time. 18.Night time. 19.Next time. 20.Every time.
21.About time. 22.Extra time. 23.In time. 24.Out of time.
Tags: challenge: 24 times, fic: drabbles, g: news, masterlist, p: koyashige

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