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Hi! I’m Mel and I love NEWS and Super Junior. ^0^ STANDARD DISCLAIMERS APPLY to all fanfiction and the gorgeous picture above is taken with permission from the person who owns it (pm me if you're interested in seeing that person's other works ^0^, I'll gladly give you the links). More about me can be found here if interested.

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the white lace curtains might be his only link to this past lifetime

I dreamt of my father again. For the first time in months. I didn’t pay attention to my surroundings because I didn’t know where we were headed. All I can grasp of my memory now is of medium sized boats, a pier, the sea and a beautiful sunset.

My father is still sick. But he’s not as thin as he was before he died. His room is bright, glass windows with white lace curtains and a view of the pier and the sea. He has a big white dog that needed to be restrained from visitors because the dog is too protective and will pounce on you if unrestrained.

I like to think that he was reborn somewhere. Somewhere by the sea. Living a simple life like he always wanted, like he always did.  Maybe he’ll grow up to be something great, maybe he’ll grow up rowing those boats. I just wish… just wish that stress don’t kill him like in this lifetime too.


hello, how are you?

It wasn’t the scent of spring or of new beginnings. But of winter and things that leave you cold and shivering in the dark. It wasn’t a promise of forever, but a reminder that things are ephemeral. Not of a great love… just a heart, unspoken for, slowly breaking.